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Skyward Fountains

There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing as flowing water. Case in point: the cascading water of our Skyward fountains sounds as beautiful as it looks, with a wide, cone-shaped spray that will enhance any lake scene, surrounding a tall, eye-catching column of water. 

The fountains’ center spray comes from an all-brass, precision-machined nozzle that can be easily adjusted for height, making these fountains ideal for commercial and residential applications. The center stream reaches heights varying from 20 feet to 70 feet depending on the model, while the side jets reach widths of 35 to 70 feet!

Available in ½, 1, 1½, and 3-horsepower versions, Skyward fountains also help create a healthy aquatic environment through oxygen transfer and water circulation.

Scott Aerator’s fountains, aerators, de-icers and Aquasweep products are proudly made and built right here in Holland, Michigan!

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