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You love the tranquility and beauty of your pond, and you want to keep it looking great. We understand maintaining a pond can indeed be a rewarding yet challenging task especially with all the options available. To help you get started with the decision-making process, here are some of our best-selling pond management products.

The ½-hp DA-20 Display Aerator: Affordable Beauty for Smaller Ponds

This DA-20 moves an impressive 400 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet-shaped spray pattern, approximately 6½ feet tall by 22 feet wide. The spray pattern adjusts in width and can be as narrow as 9 feet if desired. The DA-20 Display Aerator fountain is the proven solution for keeping your 1/8-¾ acre or larger pond healthy.

This flow rate does a fantastic job moving algae off of the surface, maintaining clean and clear water, and keeping pesky insects away, all while adding a large amount of oxygen to the pond. Adding oxygen does wonders for your fish, and is the key component in rapidly breaking down decaying matter at the bottom of your pond. As an added benefit, more oxygen means less muck over time.

  • Simple to install
  • Oil-free submersible motor
  • Most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market
  • Can be left in the water year-round, simply shut it off, and let it freeze
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Unconditional 5-year motor warranty

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Dock Mount Aquasweep, ½ hp, 115 volts

Move algae, debris, muck, and silt with the Aquasweep — the original “Muck Mover”!

This is our best-selling Aquasweep model! The Dock Mount Aquasweep is available in larger motor sizes and in a Floating Aquasweep model.

The Aquasweep from Scott Aerator is an industry-leading solution for dock, canal, beach, and shoreline clean-up, improvement, and maintenance. The Dock Mount Aquasweep can keep your waterfront clean from algae, trash, and decaying debris on the surface, or it can be used to blast muck, silt, weeds, and decaying leaves from the bottom. In fact, the Aquasweep has been the top debris and muck mover in the industry since we launched it back in 1994!

One of the great features of the Aquasweep is its continuous-run capability thanks to its weed-free design. The debris shield prevents grasses, weeds, and other material from clogging the moving parts so your Aquasweep can move muck continuously, without concern for clogs!

High-velocity water propulsion pushes debris 75 feet or more, away from your swimming area, dock or boat lift. Our customers love the dramatic effect the Aquasweep has on their waterfront areas.

For more information on mounting options and motor sizes visit our Dock Mount Aquasweep page.

North Star Fountain Aerator, 1½-hp

Elegant. Powerful. Vibrant.

The North Star Fountain Aerator is a comprehensive solution for pond and lake management, combining both aesthetic and functional elements. It is versatile enough for commercial, residential, and municipal applications.

The North Star Fountain Aerator adds an elegant, trumpet-shaped water feature to any pond or lake along with powerful aeration, debris reduction and reliable algae control. The 1½-hp North Star Fountain moves an impressive 600 gallons of water per minute, creating a strong surface current to help oxygenate water and eliminate algae and debris.

We have prioritized low maintenance, high quality products making it convenient for users. Our aerators are designed to withstand winter conditions without the need for time-consuming winterizing procedures.

Learn more about the powerful North Star Pond Fountain.

DA-20 Display Aerator 1½ hp

The DA-20 1½ hp: the proven aerator to enhance and restore the natural beauty of larger ponds.

To keep ponds sparkling clean, the 1½-hp DA-20 easily moves 600 gallons of water per minute in a gorgeous, funnel-shaped spray pattern approximately 10 feet tall by 25 feet wide. This provides a serene but spectacular focal point for your landscape and keeps your pond healthy.

The large water flow rate produced by the 1½-hp DA-20 easily moves algae off the surface, making your pond sparkle, keeping pesky insects away, and adding large amounts of oxygen to the water. Adding oxygen does wonders for your fish and rapidly breaks down decaying matter at the pond's bottom. As an added benefit, more oxygen means less muck over time.

The DA-20 is designed for use in fresh or saltwater.

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