Residential Waterfront, Pond, Lake, and Beach

Lake life is the best life until that lake or pond turns green and starts to emit a foul odor. Whether your home or summer cottage is located on a pond, lake, or bayou, you want your piece of paradise to be attractive and serene.

Scott Aerator has a set of products to make your pond, lake, and beachfront maintenance easy while also adding an attractive focal point. Whether you want to keep the water clean and clear by your beach and dock or want to keep mosquitoes at bay and the fish happy and healthy, we have been helping homeowners for 60 years maintain and enhance their waterfront for maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

Pond Aerators – we offer pond aerators in fountain, bubbler, and sub-surface variations. As our tagline says, it takes water in motion to diffuse and continuously mix oxygen throughout the upper and lower levels of any body of water. We can help you determine what type of aerator will work best for your unique situation.

Aerating Fountains – With a variety of nozzle heads, our fountains create a beautiful water display and calming, pleasing sounds that makes you forget the important work it is doing to keep your water healthy and looking pristine. Add our LED fountain lights and you will have nighttime display that will make your friends and family jealous.

A Scott Aerator Solar Powered Aeration System is an ideal solution to provide clean, eco-friendly powered aeration to your pond or lake, regardless of its proximity to electricity. These completely sustainable systems are a cost-effective alternative to a direct-wired power source.

Aquasweep Muck Mover or Dock-Area De-icer – Do you want to keep your dock and beach clean and muck-free for swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking? Our Aquasweep is just what you need. Do you want to keep your boat in the water all winter and save your dock from ice damage? Try our deicer.

All our products are commercial grade, high quality, and come with a 5-year warranty. Our aerators and fountains are easy to maintain and oil-free. No need to winterize them. Just turn them off and leave them in the water until you are ready to use them again in the spring.

Marina, Municipal, and Commercial

Scott Aerator has been selling pond aerators and fountains, muck and silt removers, and water deicers across the United States and beyond for 60 years. Depending on your location in the northern states where winter ice and colder weather are an issue, or in the southern states where warm water, algae blooms, and salt and fresh water are present, or all the places in between, we have commercial grade products that provide a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient line of pond maintenance products.

Keep your clients, community, and visitors delighted and maintenance time and cost to a minimum. Municipal and Commercial uses include water features at corporate offices, government buildings, condo complexes, golf courses, resorts, retention ponds at retail plazas, and marinas mainly in North and South America but also Europe and the Middle East.

Water Aeration / Muck Movers

Marina and canal systems are particularly vulnerable to low oxygen problems. Canals and marinas experience reduced water flow, increased depth, and isolation from the main body of water, all which contribute to low oxygen levels. These systems can be fresh, marine, brackish, or have variable salinity. There is also the challenge of pollution caused by boat traffic.

Due to the reduced water flow in and out of these systems from the main body of water, once materials make their way into a marina, they have difficulty getting out. Marinas quickly are overcome by decaying materials and other pollutants that boats carry in. These conditions often lead to marinas and canals having poor water quality producing foul odors and algae blooms. Keeping these areas healthy and aesthetically pleasing becomes a challenge. Fortunately, adding a pond aeration system reduces the variability experienced in these systems while improving water quality and aesthetics.

Our extremely durable Marina De-icers keep surface areas free of damaging ice. Save time and money by leaving docks and boats out over the winter. The Scott Aerator De-Icer products are designed to keep large areas of water free from ice build-up, even under the most extreme North American weather conditions.

With Scott Aerator De-Icers, a change of seasons no longer means having to remove the dock from the lake, or even the boat for that matter! Each Scott Aerator De-Icer will keep a 50-foot minimum diameter opening in the water surrounding your boat or dock. That's why Scott Aerator De-icers are used by marinas, hydropower facilities, municipalities, and homeowners throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

We have a Dock Mount, Floating, and Slinger De-icer models. Check out all the models including the Oscillator 360 for our Dock Mount De-icer.