Scott Aerator Triad Fountain for a healthy aquatic environment

Triad Fountains

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Triad Fountains

Three Fountains in One!

The Triad Fountain offers a versatile and visually appealing addition to outdoor ponds or lakescapes. The option to choose between three different nozzle styles allows customization of your water feature. Three individually distinct brass nozzles are included with the Triad Fountain, and all can be easily changed in minutes, and no tools required!

The Triad Fountain gives you the choice between the more traditional geyser style of the “Gusher” nozzle, or a more elegant cascading pattern such as the “Cambridge” and “Skyward” nozzles. All three will provide a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing addition to your pond or lakescape while helping to maintain water clarity, oxygen levels, and overall promoting a healthy aquatic environment.