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Pond Aeration

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Pond Aeration

Ponds and lakes are great places to entertain, relax, and enjoy nature. Having the right water aeration system is the key to keeping your pond or lake beautiful and full of life. Scott Aerator has committed over 60 years to developing quality products to enhance and maintain your pond, lake, or river frontage year-round with minimal effort. Scott Aerator makes pond maintenance easy.

Oxygen is an essential component of a healthy pond, and an effective pond aeration system circulates oxygen throughout the entire water column. As we like to say, Water in Motion (agitation) greatly facilitates the exchange and movement of oxygen from the air through the water. The lack of oxygen in a body of water can lead to unhealthy conditions: dead fish, foul odors, algae growth, and stagnant vegetation. The best part is our pond aerators are safe, eco-friendly, low maintenance, easy to install, and made in the USA.

A Scott fountain aerator discourages the formation of algae, adds oxygen to your water, promotes healthier fish, and improves the ecosystem. It clears murky, discolored water, too. You'll notice a difference in just a few days. And your Scott Aerator's rugged design will help maintain that difference over time.

We offer floating fountain aerators, surface or boilermaker aerators, and subsurface aerators. Our pond aerators come in solar-powered models, making them an ideal solution to provide sustainable, clean, eco-friendly powered aeration to your pond or lake, regardless of its proximity to electricity.

Find the pond aeration system that works best for you. Have questions? We would be happy to help. Contact us today.