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About Us

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Scott Aerator - 60 Years of Water in Motion

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality fountains and pond aerators, we are proud to celebrate 60 years in business in 2023. Founded in 1963 by William Scott, the company’s 1/2 HP dock aerator proved itself to be effective and highly reliable. This remained the company’s sole product for over 20 years until Van Kampens’ father, John Van Kampen Sr., bought the business in 1988 and introduced the fountain product line. Today, the company has been passed down through three generations of family ownership and has grown into a leading manufacturer of fountains and pond aerators that are sold across the United States and around the world.

Scott Aerator’s success over the years has come from developing products, manufactured right here in Michigan, that restore and enhance the natural beauty of ponds, lakes, and beachfronts. Products that are not only easy to install and eco-friendly (no oil), but can create a healthier ecosystem, reduce the need for manual labor, and allow property owners to enjoy more time on the water.

We offer a wide range of fountains and aerators that are highly customizable including the option to add color-changing fountain lights, solar panels, and can be tailored to fit any size or shape of water feature. We cater to corporate offices, government buildings, marinas, condo complexes, golf courses, and private homes, mainly in North and South America but also Europe and the Middle East. “Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been the foundation of our business since day one, and we are grateful for the support of our loyal customers and partners who have helped us reach this milestone,” said President John Van Kampen.

Scott Aerator Company’s main focus is to supply you, our customers, the highest-quality pond fountains and water aerators on the market. Your satisfaction and enjoyment have been our top goals for 60 years. Located near Grand Rapids, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan, Scott Aerator Company is a family-owned business that provides a convenient source for tested, proven, American-manufactured fountains and water aerators, all guaranteed.

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