We are thankful for the wonderful, kind words so many of our customers have shared with us about their experience with us and our products. From display aerators to pond fountains, de-icers, The Aquasweep muck blaster and more, we are grateful to all of our incredible customers and appreciate you sharing your positive experience with us!

What our customers say about our service, pond fountains and aerators, de-icers, The Aquasweep muck blaster and more!

“We just finished the install of our new pond aerator this past Saturday. I want to tell you that the fountain looks amazing and is doing a great job after running only 45 hours. What a great product. You folks should be proud of what you make and sell. A little side note: I installed an RGB LED spotlight on the shore to light up the display. It truly looks fantastic at night — almost like the Bellagio in Vegas!!!!” - Frank P.

“I have three neighbors who have seen it (The Aquasweep) in action this summer and will be purchasing them next spring.” - Don T.

This customer is using his ½-hp Aquasweep as a De-icer! This incredible drone shot shows how well the Aquasweep is keeping the ice away. “I’m really surprised how big the area is. I didn’t think it would cover my entire shoreline. I could have left the boat lift and dock in as well. Probably what I will do next year.” - Werner, Kalamazoo, MI

“Our [New Zealand based] client was so happy with the last fountain they now want the Great Lakes Fountain with the colour-changing LEDs” - Morgan Pollard Landscapes, Christchurch, New Zealand

“I just had a very happy customer send me this picture. My customers love this fountain. I think it looks great. I have actually replaced multiple [competitors’ products] with this fountain. The customers couldn’t be happier. ” - Jason B., Jacksonville, FL

“My DA-20 1/3 h.p. is performing beautifully!” - Michael C., Arizona

“I can't say enough about the superb customer service, attention to details, goodwill, expertise / knowledge-sharing and patience.” - Terence S.

“I just bought and installed your DA-20 1/3 hp fountain/aerator in my pond and I was amazed at the power of this thing.” - Paul S.

“It arrived [the Aquasweep]! You can feel and see the quality.” - Warren B., Canada

“It looks as though we achieved our goal but I had no idea it would open up a 100-yard hole in the ice. It must be because we are pumping water up from four feet below surface. Therefore warmer water that melts a bigger area in the ice. I think it is safe to say we can leave our main pier in the water next winter. And that we need only one no-icer. Thanks for all your help.” - James T.

“I’ve been using your Aquasweep for two days, and it’s marvelous.” - Chris Q.

“Replaced a [competitor’s product] and it’s not even comparable. Looks great!” - Jacksonville, FL

“I received my triad fountain and it is installed. It is beautiful!” - Kelly R.

- Evansville, IL

“The Aquasweep has greatly assisted in removing years of muck in our cove by our dock.” - Al S.

“Looks fabulous and the fish are loving it!” - Dave S.

“You can feel and see the quality [of the Aquasweep].” - Warren B., Ontario, Canada

“DA-20 3 h.p.” - Jacksonville, FL

“I received my Triad fountain and love it.” - Donald H., Missouri

“We LOVE our new fountain/aerator.” - Customer in North Carolina

“Customer service is so great there!! It was a great experience and I highly recommend their products!” - Jeffrey M.

“Ta-daaa!” - Bernard M.

“Thank you ever so much. I am very pleased with the performance of the muck blaster. I have removed about two feet of muck from the shoreline. Feel free to use me as a reference as a very satisfied customer, The Aquasweep muck buster has exceeded all my expectations.” - Bill O.

“As promised, here is a picture of our sandy bottom beach area on beautiful Rose Lake outside Cadillac, MI. Prior to The Aquasweep and Beachroller this entire area was black muck... as much as two feet of it. After we invested in your products, several of our friends were quite skeptical, including my wife, Denise; as were our neighbors on the Lake. After only a few days it was unanimous that our investment had been worth it already. When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lake cottage but can’t enjoy a sandy beach, much of the allure of lake life is diminished. Thanks to your products we have the nicest beach area in our cove. And, thanks again for assembling the beachroller for us and for the great customer service!” - Bob & Denise B.

“I recently purchased a 1 hp Aquasweep with the oscillator 360 and everything has been going great. It has quickly made my waterfront more swimable, which has been wonderful.” - Nate A.

“Thanks John. The Aquasweep works very well. Tons of power. Probably could have got away with the 1/2hp but I didn’t want to be unhappy with low power. Thanks for the great service!” - Scott W.

“Got the fountain installed and was instantly impressed with the volume of water the pump pushes.” - Todd D.

“We were super impressed with your service ordered it on Monday received it on a Thursday and I was impressed with the size of the unit compared to looking at it on a brochure … all the neighbors and I were super impressed with the performance,” - Walt Z.

“I just LOVE it! It is just BEAUTIFUL! I used my Artesian that was flowing over the bank for years and I finally got an idea to do this. Wish I had done it nine years ago, but better late than NEVER right? I connected a 1 1/2" PVC to my cistern and piped it down 150' to the pond which it spills into 24/7 365 days/year! The pond is 100' X 50' X 25' deep! I used a heavy duty liner made in the USA! I put in a 6" drain at the other end and adjusted it with a 6" 90 degree elbow so that the same amount of water coming in goes out at the other end when filled to capacity. This makes the fresh “glacier” water replenish with a constant flow. NO pump necessary!” - Deborah N.

It’s working great and cleared things up right away!” - Brian B.

“Thank you again for the prompt service. The float arrived in a timely manor and in perfect condition. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.” - David H.

It’s up for a test run and it looks great! … It’s much better than I imagined! The water is starting to clear after just a few hours! Thank you so much!” - Margi D.

“On behalf of the Sommerton Condominium Association, Inc. Board of Directors, I want to thank you and your company, again, for the outstanding and exceptional customer service you provided to us … Your prompt response to our unique problem and 48-hour turnaround time with the return shipping of the replacement fountains is not only exceptional but also is very much appreciated. Please provide a copy of this email to your CEO and senior management staff and let them know our condo association board will always remember the exceptional customer service you have provided to us and we are looking forward to a very long, professional relationship with the Scott Aerator Company.” - Stephen B., President Sommerton Condominium Association, Inc.

“I recently purchased an aerator fountain from your business and finally have it up and running. The algae levels are falling and the water clarity is slowly improving. Thank you for this beautiful morning view” - Anita K.

“My 4+ year-old aerator stopped working. Wife was sad. The motor was basically shot. Scott Aerator replaced it for free as it was still covered by their 5 year warranty. As they are local, to me, I was able to save the shipping by dropping off / picking up. When I dropped it off, the sales man told me that he lived near me and could even drop it off at my home if that would be easier for me. Customer service is so great there!! It was a great experience and I highly recommend their products!” - Jeffrey M.

“I have owned an aerator for over two years. The product is very well made and top quality. The service is great, live up to warranty issues. Highly recommend the Scott Aerator Co. Thank you!” - Ray P., Key Largo, FL

“So far, the local feedback is all positive. It is an impressive amount of water moving through that system. … Thank you again.” – Stan S., Wichita, KS

“Probably the best company I have ever dealt with on technical support and warranty claims. 90% of the time a knowledgeable tech support person will answer the phone. The other 10% they call back in 10 minutes. With no questions asked they recently replaced a $1,000+ motor in year 4 of a 5 year warranty.” - Wayne H., Mount Pleasant, SC

“I took this as an example of how well the muck buster works. The current change is exactly what is needed to keep weeds, muck, and debris away. Thank you for helping me enjoy more time with my family and less time maintaining the lake!” - Kim

“Great service and fast and very friendly. Will buy all my equipment from them and recommend them to a my friends” - Joe R.

“As a commercial installer of water equipment we try to use the most professional and purposely heavy duty equipment we can. We've never had any issues with the Scott Aerator products. They have by far the most dependable, sturdy aquatic control products that get the job done affordably. Amazing company and outstanding quality, and we’ve dealt with a lot.” - Jason B.

“The nicest people you will ever work with.” - Theresa M.

“The replacement fountain is in and it is very impressive. [The North Star Fountain, 1 1/2 h.p.]” – Kerry H., Frisco, TX

“I gotta tell you how completely amazed I am with the Scott Aerator’s Aquasweep! I recently bought a waterfront property situated in the shallow end of freshwater lake in Eastern Washington. The property had a magnificent beach up to the waterline. Past the waterline there was 50 years of accumulated muck. The previous owners were elderly and weren’t able to manage the waterfront. The muck went from 1" at the waterline to over 16"s off the end of the dock. My dock reaches 110' feet from the waterline. The Aquasweep was shipped and received quickly. The instructions were simple and concise. Just testing the Aquasweep out for 20-30 minutes I was able to remove 100% of the muck in a shallow 3' deep section of waterfront measuring about 15' x 15' to reveal beautiful sand!! The next day I started the Aquasweep rotating ever 1-2 hours. The Aquasweep completely churned up and separated all the years of accumulated muck from the sand. I did discover that by getting in the water with the kids and kicking up the muck 20-50' away from the Aquasweep drastically increased its effectiveness. You should have seen all the bubbles of stinky trapped gas being released as the muck was blowing away. Even throwing out a simple grading rake with a rope attached to the handle and dragging across or along the Aquasweep current helped disperse the muck and weeds so the Aquasweep could blow them all away.” - Rick

“Just wanted to let you know that we received our order and it’s already bubbling away in our pond. We are extremely pleased with the service and quality of the item. Thank you, Dee Ann A.”

“Good product. Excellent service. I wish everyone was so easy to work with!” - Joe G., Arboretum Director, Meadows Lakes, NJ

“Just wanted to let you know our fountain we purchased two years ago is still looking great.” - Mike C., Life Church, NC

“We installed the fountain just as the August algae was mounting its attack. The fountain has cleared it up and the pond is looking much better overall. Am very happy with the DA-20.” - John V.

“My technicians were impressed with the system and received great customer support from US Solar Mounts. Also, I’ve included a picture of the upgraded 1½ HP Triad fountain with the Cambridge nozzle. That made a big difference and Disney was very pleased. Thank you!” - Janis G.