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Pond Aeration

As small ponds become increasingly popular in residential and commercial areas, sometimes property owners can't keep up with maintenance. Left unchecked, these ponds can be subject to an algae population explosion, especially in summer months when nutrient levels increase. Then noxious odors are released and fish and plant life die off, creating a smelly, unsightly scene.

An effective way to prevent or remedy this situation is by using a Scott fountain aerator, which discourages the formation of algae, adds oxygen to your water, promotes healthier fish, and improves the ecosystem. It clears murky, discolored water, too. You'll notice a difference in just a few days. And your Scott Aerator's rugged design will help maintain that difference over time.

“Well folks, last Sunday marked a year since we installed ours. Absolutely love it. Thanks for a quality product! Live from my beach, Rick H.”

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Part catalog, part shopping guide, part spec sheet … download our aerator comparison guide to help you decide which aerator is best for your needs:

Scott Aerator’s fountains, aerators, de-icers and Aquasweep products are proudly made and built right here in Holland, Michigan!

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