Pond Dye: Concentrated Liquid

Pond Dye: Concentrated Liquid

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Concentrated Pond Dye from EasyPro is a simple way to achieve the tranquil look of a natural-looking body of water. Choose from blue, black and serenity lake colorants to achieve the reflective blue/black color your pond or lake needs.

Guaranteed not to harm or stain fish or birds, the dye can be added directly to the pond. Each quart of dye will treat an entire surface acre of pond (6 feet deep), replacing 80% of an gallon of industry-standard pond dye.

To apply, simply add dye at different locations around the edge of the pond or lake. Re-apply every two months or so, depending on rainfall.

Packaged in highly concentrated quarts, so you don’t waste money paying for water!

Proudly made in the USA.

Pond Dye: Concentrated Blue

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Pond Dye: Concentrated Black

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Pond Dye: Concentrated Serenity (Blue/Black Mix)

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